Cycling: ElectrAAte

Testimonial from Trav who has been cycling at the Central Coast whilst using ElectrAAte (August 2020):

I tend to cycle most days, sometimes just to work and back (20mins each way at pace) and often a few extra rides during the week of hour or more. (Haven’t raced this year but often get a race in every couple of weeks.)

ElectrAAte was easy to drink, mild lemon flavour to it in plain water and I like lemon so was good for me.

I used it while riding and also mornings while fasting so was nice to drink instead of plain water
Easy to use. Mixed easily in water requiring little shaking to keep dissolved
Packaging was nice, clean and simple
Haven’t been using it long but overall I feel I am waking easy most days and slightly less sore after exercise.

Trav is on Strava and this is a view of one of his rides: