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SARS-CoV-2 is a Coronavirus that causes the disease called COVID 19, the current pandemic sweeping our planet which will change the way we think, interact and live forever.

The message that seems to be lost is that at any one time, multiple viruses are being continuously monitored and managed across the globe. All it takes is for a mutation or change in its ability to spread, person to person or animal to person, and the next thing you know is that people are affected by it all over the world

So what can you do, outside of the work of the organisations and government, to get yourself ready to fight viruses? It is simple: get better acquainted with your immune system, the last line of defence that's ready to go all out and fight against the virus when it enters your body.

InnovAAte Chief Scientists

InnovAAte Chief Scientists: Professor Hugh Dunstan (Left) and Professor Tim Roberts (Right)

InnovAAte was founded by two world-class, globally respected scientists. Hugh Dunstan and Tim Roberts have collaborated for more than three decades in the research and publication of more than 190 papers in the areas of chronic syndromes, immunology, fatigue, sweat, protein, amino acids and metabolism.

In 2018, frustrated that their research and groundbreaking findings in the area of Amino Acids would take years to be available to the market, they made the decision to leave academia and do it themselves.

On this page, InnovAAte's Tim Roberts explains how a virus, in this case, SARS-CoV-2, attacks your body and how your immune system responds and the resources it needs to do this.

Following this, information is provided on the InnovAAte OptimAAte product, the purpose-built blend of Amino Acids which can boost your body's ability to fight viruses and other infections, with options for you to purchase.

You can learn more about InnovAAte, the team, their research by exploring their website here

How Will My Immune Systems Fight This Virus

Professor Tim Roberts - InnovAAte Founder and Director

How the virus attacks your body

  • The virus binds to the surface of its target cell, in this case the cells at the back of the throat and then later the lung cells.
  • The virus then enters the cell and hijacks its functions so that more copies of the virus are produced.
  • The virus escapes from the cell it has grown in and then floats free until it can bind to and enter another cell ..... and so the cycle continues.

How Your Body Will Start The Fight

When the virus infects a cell in the body, that cell puts up a flag, marking it for destruction by the immune system. In this way, the immune system protects the body because viruses can only multiply inside your cells.

  • Your immune system stops the virus from multiplying by killing the cells where it lives.
  • You have plenty of uninfected cells, so killing a few infected ones usually doesn't hurt you.

The "flag" marker on the cell surface generates three outcomes in the white blood cells which comprise our immune system.

The First is to start making antiviral proteins called interferons and to call in more and more white blood cells.

The second is to activate some particular white cells to become specific killer cells that will only kill cells infected with that virus.

  • This again needs massive amounts of new proteins to be produced from the body's resource pool of amino acids.

The third is to activate some of the white cells to divide into a huge army of cells, each able to make antibody molecules that will bind to the virus and inactivate it. Again, this is a massive call for amino acids to be provided to build the huge number of proteins needed to attack the virus.

  • These antibodies mop up free virus that has been released from the infected cells resulting in the ultimate destruction of the virus.
  • The presence of these antibodies provide resistance that prevents the person from being infected a second time.
  • These are also the antibodies that would be produced by vaccinating with a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, when it becomes available.

What To Do - Strengthen Your Defence Mechanism 

When you are fighting a viral infection like SARS-CoV-2, the body needs to build a huge quantity of defence proteins to kill the virus. If there are not enough of the right Amino Acids, the building blocks of proteins, your immune defence system will struggle to get the job done in quick enough time to be effective. 

Research Based Amino Acid Formulations 

Boost Your Immune System to fight COVID 19

InnovAAte's underlying research shows that we are all losing lots of key amino acids from daily exertion. These losses of fundamental amino acids are exacerbated during viral infections and illness recovery.

There is a high demand from the immune system for the production of new proteins to fight the virus infection in the body. To meet demand, the body will instigate a process of re-utilising existing proteins - this is called the "catabolic response", where the body breaks down its own muscle proteins to supply the amino acids required to support the immune response.

The InnovAAte products are designed to replenish the exacerbated losses of those fundamental amino acids that are used daily in the greatest quantities. This strategy was designed to ultimately reduce the demand for the body to operate the catabolic response, and thus help maintain muscle mass and support a more efficient recovery.

  • We need to supply the body with amino acids to support this immune defence and reduce the impact on the body

The OptimAAte formulation is simple and aims to replace these key amino acids in a readily available form that allows rapid uptake by the body.

InnovAAte products, including OptimAAte, have all been heavily discounted at this point of time. Visit our store for more information.

Purchase OptimAAte, learn more about our research, read more of our blogs related to health, well being and Amino Acids or contact us directly - we are here to help.

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