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Give yourself the best chance to fight virus infections

By Tim Roberts | 08/04/2020

When you are fighting a viral infection like COVID 19, the body needs to build a huge quantity of defence proteins to kill the virus. The body needs amino acids to build the defence proteins, and OptimAAte provides the amino acids that are in the highest demand at this time. This is how it works:…

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InnovAAte Testimonials

By Hugh Dunstan | 06/04/2020

July 2020: K.M. (Seaham, NSW) This great response from Kevin 85 years old recovering from a car accident: “I am very pleased to report a marked improvement in my overall health, and I’m convinced that daily taking OptimAAte has been playing a major part in this.” June 2020: D.B. (Newcastle) great product, massively decreases my…

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Your body works as a protein factory to keep you in top health

By Hugh Dunstan | 25/03/2020

Your body continuously removes old proteins and produces new proteins to keep you in top working order. This process is called “Protein Turnover” and involves the daily breakdown of old and damaged proteins and the manufacture of new proteins. Why does this happen? It allows the body to regulate what proteins are ready for use…

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How does your body make antibodies to a virus or bacterium it has never seen before?

By Tim Roberts | 23/03/2020

Imagine walking around with 10 billion different keys in your pocket. You could unlock 10 billion different locks. This is what your immune system can do. It can potentially protect us against 10 billion different infections, even though it has never seen the infective bug before. It has the plans to make 10 billion different…

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Testimonial: Amino acids support muscles for exercise and recovery

By Hugh Dunstan | 23/03/2020

Testimonial: It’s not often you know the designers and manufacturers of a product.  When InnovAAte came on the market with Tim  and Hugh at the helm, I knew I could trust the quality. I’ve been using OptimAAte  for months.  I started because I was feeling tired with sore muscles at the end of the day. …

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How does the body win against a virus? 

By Tim Roberts | 18/03/2020

We recover from viral infections, such as influenza and coronavirus, by the actions of our immune system which make trillions of specialised proteins that attack the virus. Production of these defensive proteins by the body needs large quantities of amino acids which are the building blocks used to make the proteins. A large proportion of…

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How does the body provide amino acids to support exercise?

By Hugh Dunstan | 16/03/2020

During exercise, the body breaks down some of its own proteins via a process called “catabolism”. This process releases the amino acids needed to support exercise and recovery. However, the main demand is only on six amino acids – this means that the other 14 are not needed in such high quantities and because they…

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Hydration: replace fluid, amino acids and electrolytes

By Hugh Dunstan | 11/03/2020

Sweating is essential for cooling the body, but the process loses fluid and hydration is critical. Sweating also helps remove some waste products generated by the body. But did you know that you also lose electrolytes and amino acids when you sweat? To achieve hydration, you need to replenish fluid, electrolytes and amino acids to…

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The importance of amino acids in chronic fatigue syndrome

By Tim Roberts | 11/03/2020

The first account of supplementation of CFS patients with amino acids was published in 1994. The results were very encouraging with reports of improved levels of fatigue following supplementation. The nature of CFS is that there is a huge diversity of what people suffer as symptoms and there seem to be many possible causes. It…

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High Intensity Training: Losses of fluid + electrolytes +amino acids

By Hugh Dunstan | 10/03/2020


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