OptimAAte and Recovery

HDAA: High-Demand Amino Acids

Your body has a high demand for six specific amino acids known as the HDAA. These "6 Aminos" are also lost in high quantities in sweat every day. When you exercise, these losses of HDAA are magnified and some people lose them faster than others.

The HDAA circulating in the body are continuously being utilised to support the metabolic needs of exercise and recovery.

  • During exercise, the HDAA are replaced by the breakdown of muscle proteins to provide them as they are needed.
  • Then in the recovery phase, the muscle proteins are rebuilt which takes more energy.

OptimAAte® taken with water daily will provide the body with a source of the HDAA that will be used in the sweating and metabolic processes supporting your exercise and daily activities. 

  • This will minimise the demand for the breakdown of muscle proteins to supply the amino acids most needed to support daily exertion and recovery.
  • This means there is less muscle protein to rebuild in the recovery phase = faster recovery.