Research drives development of new products

InnovAAte products have been developed from the latest scientific research

This is what differentiates OptimAAte and ElectrAAte from other products. The company founders have spent 3 decades undertaking university research to define how certain amino acids are lost or used at greater rates than others. 

Why was research needed to develop new products?

In 2014 Hugh, Tim and Margaret had a significant breakthrough when they were able to quantify the potential losses of amino acids in the sweat of athletes. In addition, they also worked out how urinary losses of amino acids contributed to demands for daily supplies.

The following four years of research continued focussing on understanding the nature of amino acid losses in sweat and urine from humans. They have published their results in international peer-reviewed journals and have opened up a completely new understanding of protein turnover and amino acid metabolism in humans.

This ground-breaking research is the underlying foundation of InnovAAte’s next generation of Amino Acid Biotechnology products. With a far greater understanding of these important aspects of human biology, InnovAAte products are designed to replenish those amino acids which are lost at disproportionately faster rates than others during daily exertion.