Partnerships with InnovAAte

InnovAAte is keen to form partnerships with sporting groups, gyms and associations interested in promoting exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Our InnovAAte team have decades of research experience in understanding issues around sweating, hydration, amino acids and electrolytes. We can work with groups to answer questions and provide resource links for understanding how amino acids can help with maintaining muscle mass. Below are our current partnerships:

Supporting Regional Sport: The Wanderers Rugby Football Club


These products are designed to help replenish amino acids lost in sweat during rugby games and is ideal for amateur and professional athletes. InnovAAte has provided presentations to the club and offers significant discounts for club members. We are keen to promote their use in a wide range of sporting applications and we are offering significant discounts to participating sporting clubs and groups. Don't miss out - contact us now for information on how your club can benefit.

The ElectrAAte supplement can be mixed with water to replenish the fluid, amino acids and electrolytes lost in sweat during the game.  

Local science supporting local clubs -  No other products come with the science credentials. 



Strength training gyms: Groundwork Fitness

Karl Versteeg is a certified strength coach who started Groundwork Fitness as a strength club that is welcoming, hygienically clean and full of interesting people. The club includes a few creature comforts like a coffee machine plus top-quality equipment. Karl wants more people to try strength training, because we know that walking and running isn’t enough to keep you in peak physical health (that’s why the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines recommend strength training at least twice a week for all adults).


By lifting weights, you’ll experience a whole range of health benefits, including:

  • Better mobility and balance for everyday activities
  • Improved bone and joint health
  • Reduced risk of developing lifestyle diseases
  • Better musculoskeletal health

There will be a high demand to build muscle mass when you embark on a weight training program and our OptimAAte and ElectrAAte products can help you on this journey:

  • OptimAAte can be taken daily to provide you with the amino acids that you use most during daily exertion and can help maintain muscle mass during your weight training journey.
  • ElectrAAte contains the amino acids plus electrolytes and can help maintain hydration and muscle mass when you take it during and after the workout.