Your body works as a protein factory to keep you in top health

Your body continuously removes old proteins and produces new proteins to keep you in top working order. This process is called “Protein Turnover” and involves the daily breakdown of old and damaged proteins and the manufacture of new proteins.

Why does this happen? It allows the body to regulate what proteins are ready for use at any time depending on what is needed.

  • By analogy, if we look at cars on the road, we see that old cars are not very common. So it is the same with all our proteins. Each one only lasts a certain time then it has to be recycled, broken down to amino acids and a new one built.
  • Some proteins only last for a few hours or a few days and others last for weeks

For example, if you are exposed to a virus, the body will build antibodies to help fight the infection. Once the infection has been eradicated, the body does not need to keep high stocks of the antibody proteins and so they are broken down and not replaced.

Protein turnover occurs in all tissues where old and damaged proteins are broken down and replaced with new proteins to meet daily demand. This is how the body maintains good condition and optimal performance in everyday life.

Proteins are made from amino acids. When you eat proteins, such as meat or plant protein in your diet, these are broken down in the digestive system to release their amino acids, which are subsequently used to build new proteins in your body. But this protein intake is not sufficient to meet the demands for daily production of proteins by the body.

If we were to weigh 70Kg, then

  • We eat about 85 g of protein per day
  • But this does not meet our body’s requirement to make about 330g of new proteins daily,
    • This means the amount of protein we make each day far outweighs the amount we take in from our diet
  • The body has to re-utilise the amino acids broken down from its old and damaged proteins to make up the difference.

No re-utilisation system is perfect and some of these recycled amino acids are used to provide energy or converted to other products in the body. Either way, they are lost from the body’s pool of recycled amino acids that would be available for use in protein synthesis.

A group of six amino acids are in very high demand for a large range of body chemistry processes to maintain good health. These amino acids are also lost in copious quantities via sweat and urine.

  • The identification of this group of six amino acids is the secret behind the InnovAAte science – we have worked out what amino acids are lost at the faster rates because of their higher demands in the body. The concept is simple – we replenish these key factors to provide the body with what it needs, when it needs them.

OptimAAte® is a next generation amino acid supplement designed to replenish what is lost most during the day from general exertion. These losses are amplified during a flu or serious cold, especially during the phase of high body temperatures and sweats. It is designed for daily consumption to charge the body with what it needs to support the recovery. These amino acids can help reduce fatigue and restore vitality.

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