This eBook is a technical manual designed for health professionals, coaches and customers seeking detailed information about how sweat is formed in the body. This is critical to understanding how to maintain hydration and how to support recovery from exercise. The first chapter outlines the basic processes and provides insight that sweat is actually manufactured on demand in the sweat gland. In the initial manufacturing processes, large quantities of sodium and chloride are deposited in the primary sweat fluid. These ions are vital to maintaining body function and are thus resorbed as the sweat fluid passes from the sweat gland to the skin surface. The process of resorption results in losses primarily of potassium and a select group of amino acids (the HDAA), as well as magnesium and calcium. The consequences of the resorption processes have big impacts on the resource supplies of potassium, amino acids and to a lesser extent Mg2+ and Ca2+. Understanding how sweat is made provides valuable insight into managing hydration in athletes and people seeking to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. It is also relevant to clinicians managing electrolyte balance in general practice. 

The eBook also introduces the amazing extent of amino acid losses through the sweating process. There are six amino acids that are lost at disproportionately faster rates in sweat than the other amino acids. These same amino acids are also lost in high proportions in urine and play major roles in numerous metabolic pathways. They have been deemed “high-demand amino acids” (HDAA).

Finally, a section is dedicated to describing how the specialised amino acid supplements were developed to assist in the daily support for well-being and the management of hydration.


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