Are you looking to take your fitness routine to the next level and improve your overall vitality? Look no further than "The Sweat Book" - your ultimate guide to maximizing your exercise effectiveness and recovery with HDAA.

This eBook is for everyone who is keen on maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Some people are embarrassed about sweating, but it is an important function of the body to keep you from overheating in hot conditions and during exercise. This book introduces you to the processes of how sweat is made so that you can understand the best ways of replenishment to keep you going and aid recovery. 

When you sweat, you are obviously losing water, but you are also losing a lot of important nutrients and electrolytes which the body needs to keep on going. You might think that these losses are negligible, but when you consider that you can lose 500mL to 2L of sweat per hour during exercise, then these losses become very significant and place great demands on body resources.  

Sodium and chloride are vital electrolytes that the body needs to ensure proper function. The body goes to great lengths to ensure that it keeps these ions in good supply. When you sweat, sodium and chloride ions are lost in the fluid. The book explains why they are there in the first place and describes the amazing processes that occur in the sweat ducts that attempt to reclaim as much sodium and chloride as possible. These reclamation processes come at a cost where several valuable electrolytes such as potassium and certain high-demand amino acids (HDAA) are “sacrificed” to achieve the resorption of sodium and chloride as it passes through the sweat ducts to the skin surface.  This is critical to understanding how to maintain hydration and how to support recovery from exercise.

There are four main goals for this book:

  1. To understand what we are losing in the sweat fluid so that we can begin to develop strategies of how best to replenish vital stocks for the body to support exercise and recovery.
  2. To appreciate the potential impacts of dehydration on people playing team games, working out in the gym or undertaking endurance sports.
  3. To appreciate that digestion becomes limited during and after exercise, which places restrictions on the types of replenishment strategies that will be effective.
  4. To show how we have developed a simple and effective strategy for maintaining hydration and aiding recovery from exercise.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your fitness routine and feel your best. Invest in "The Sweat Book" today and unlock the key to maximizing your exercise effectiveness and recovery.

If you are interested in a more detailed account of the processes of sweat formation and nutrient losses, then you may be interested in reading our other eBook entitled "The Making of Sweat: Technical manual for health professionals" which also has full lists of scientific references for source material.


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