HDAA: High-Demand Amino Acids

Your body has a high demand for a group of six specific amino acids known as the HDAA. These "6 Aminos" are also lost in high quantities in sweat every day. When you exercise, these losses of HDAA are magnified and some people lose them faster than others.

It is important to keep hydrated and restock the HDAA and Electrolytes whilst exercising and playing sports. 

Dehydration can lead to:

  • Reduced concentration and focus,
  • Fatigue and muscle cramps.

ElectrAAte® and OptimAAte® provide the HDAA to keep you going.

  • HDAA + Electrolytes for hydration

  • HDAA for your muscles

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Each batch of our products has been independently tested by HASTA to determine that they do not contain WADA-banned substances (WADA = World Anti-Doping Authority). This is relevant for people in workplaces that are subject to regular drug testing and for use by elite athletes. 

ElectrAAte® and OptimAAte® are formulated supplementary sports foods, researched in Newcastle, patented and manufactured in Australia: AU 201626125. Click here to see the Game-Changing research.

  • No sugar, no caffeine and vegan friendly

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ElectrAAte® mixed with water provides fluid, HDAA and electrolytes which are lost most through sweat.

Sweating occurs to help the body maintain a constant temperature and not overheat. Sweating is magnified during exercise or when you are living in hot conditions. People can lose between 1-2L of fluid per hour of exercise or hard work. 

ElectrAAte® can be taken at any time of the day and is particularly effective during and after exercise.

ElectrAAte® should be taken as part of a healthy diet to maintain hydration and support exercise and recovery.

ElectrAAte® when mixed with water, is the only formulated supplementary sports drink designed to provide the HDAA with fluid + electrolytes for maintaining hydration.

  • 86 servings per tub; 81c per serve
  • One serve of ElectrAAte® contains only 26kJ or 6.3 Calories
  • Can be mixed with water in your drink bottle or cup and has a light lemon flavouring.

Daily support:   

OptimAAte® mixed with water restocks the HDAA that the body uses most during the day.

The "6 Aminos" are in great demand during daily activities and are lost in sweat at many times faster rates than the other 14 protein amino acids. The body is constantly breaking down muscle proteins to supply these HDAA on demand and then subsequently spends energy on rebuilding these proteins during recovery.

These losses are amplified when living in a hot climate and during daily exercise.

OptimAAte® can be taken at any time of the day and is particularly effective during and after exercise.

OptimAAte® should be taken as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle to support exercise and recovery. 

OptimAAte® is the only formulated supplementary sports drink designed to replenish the HDAA that are lost most during the day.

  • 111 servings per tub; 63c per serve
  • One serve of OptimAAte® contains only 22kJ or 5.3 Calories
  • Should be mixed with water in your drink bottle or cup.

ElectrAAte® and OptimAAte® have been designed for use in conjunction with a healthy diet that involves the consumption of a variety of foods.


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